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August 12th, 2016

Senator Greg Lavelle (R-Sharpley) is again calling for reform to the Delaware Compensation Commission (DCC) and donating a legislative pay increase to a number of charities in Delaware. This is the 12th year Lavelle has done so, taking the total to more than $40,000 contributed in that time.

He does this to support local charities, but also to protest the law that can automatically increase legislator’s pay without a vote by the General Assembly.

Established in 1984, the Delaware Compensation Commission (DCC) meets every four years and considers whether a pay raise is in order for legislators, judges and top officials in the executive branch. This report automatically becomes law unless lawmakers intervene to stop it. The DCC will convene again this fall and their report will go to the General Assembly in January.

“While numerous attempts to change the law have been made, they have not been successful. The latest attempt, Senate Bill 8, was introduced in January 2013, but never released from a Senate committee. Despite this, I made a commitment in 2005 to make these donations and I will continue to do so whether or not this common-sense reform ever takes place,” Senator Lavelle said.

Legislators still receive pay raises, as all state employees do, if provided for in the budget and voted for by the General Assembly. What Senator Lavelle is trying to eliminate is the potential for further lawmaker pay increases above and beyond what state employees receive, and with no vote required.

“We cast hundreds of votes each year and we should be voting on this as well,” Senator Lavelle said.

This year’s charitable contributions will be split among six organizations that serve the community:

  • Attack Addiction (Attackaddiction.org)
  • Auburn Heights Preserve and the Marshall Steam Museum (auburnheights.org)
  • B+ Foundation (Bpositive.org)
  • Center for the Creative Arts (ccarts.org)
  • Delaware Museum of Natural History (Delmnh.org)
  • Hockessin Historical Society (hockessinhistorical.org)